Sunday, June 17, 2012

Taking Advantage of the Pre-School Years~ Part 6

Since it is Sunday and no one has time to sit and read a LONG blog post, I thought I would keep this section short.  Since I wrote about this not long ago it shouldn't take too long!

When shaping our children's foundation it is very important that we understand what it means to truly love our children and to teach them in a way that is truly loving.

Real love is choosing unselfishly for the other person's highest good.  Many parents feel guilty for not doing every little thing their children desire.  It is not loving to teach your child that the entire universe revolves around them.  Real love shows them how amazing they are as a precious creation of God's and leads them to see those around them as equally amazing and important.  Real love doesn't cater to their every whim. It learns their dreams, desires and preferences and seeks to bring them joy.

Do not allow the world's way of thinking make you feel guilty.  Shower your children with real love and raise them to be people who are not so self focused that they are unable to look for ways to love those around them.

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RachelD said...

Love this post! Thanks.