Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cousins, Alfalfa and Caves, Oh My!

Last week we went down to southern Oregon to visit David's brother Jonathan, his wife Laura and their three beautiful daughters.  Our girls adore their cousins! 

Talia is only two months older than Ella and the big girls all loved playing with her!

Eliana (Ellie) and Esther are only three months apart and they have always had a special bond with each other.  They were making each other giggle the whole trip!

Baby Tirzah is growing up so fast!  She was full of smiles the entire time.  It felt so good to have a baby to hold and smooch on! (My baby is growing up WAY too fast!)

Laura fed us like kings (hilarious I know).  She is such a good cook and we were completely spoiled!  The girls got to help Uncle Jonathan make ice cream one night!

On Saturday it was "Bonanza Days" so went went downtown and watched the parade.

Our girls had almost made a dent in their candy from the 4th of July so this was very providential.

With eight girls seven and under it was a party all the time!  Jonathan is working on his in-law's farm this summer so while he and David weren't moving wheel lines and swathing they took the girls on dirt bike rides through the alfalfa fields.  The girls loved it there on the farm.  It was so beautiful!

Sunday afternoon, before we came home, we went to the lava beds just across the California border.

It was a fascinating place.  So barren yet beautiful. 


Auntie Laura stayed with the babies while the rest of us went down the explore the first cave.  It was so incredible to think of the lava that flowed through to make these caves.  The girls LOVED trying out different paths and seeing what holes we could all fit through.  Only Ella was a little distressed that she didn't have her own flashlight.

Cousins in a cave!

Happy little "Spelunkers"

It was such a blessed trip.  We came home feeling refreshed and encouraged in spirit even if we were a little tired out physically.  There is hardly anywhere in the world that I feel as at home than with them.  We love you and miss you already!!!

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Charlene said...

Sounds like you had a great trip! Glad you were able to go spend time with them. Thanks for the pictures. :)