Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ready, Set...... Giveaway!!!!

A few months back our family discovered a wonderful thing.  It's called...... The Library!!!

I feel almost ashamed to admit that my children had never set foot in a library before that glorious day.  You should have seen my two voracious readers as we walked through the doors and their eyes beheld the abundance of books that our small Falls City library had to offer. 

Lydia says, " I never imagined that such a small library could hold so many books.  Now it makes me wonder what a huge library like Dallas (Ha! We're talking Dallas, OR here, not Texas!) could possibly hold.  Probably millions of books!".

This has been the spark that has started Lydia and Bethany down the path of loving to read rather than just "reading well".

Bethany has turned into an A+ book reader.  She is amazing at getting into the story and adding all sorts of excitement and intrigue.  She was into a cliff-hanging tale about Curious George yesterday while I was on the computer and I found my self having to turn around and hear the rest of the story.  I couldn't bear the suspense!

Lydia is fascinated with what she calls "learning" books.  She's come home with books about birds, textures, frogs and noses.  I don't think there is anything as exciting as watching your child love to learn! 

Havilah is dying to learn to read now!

Because we have been having so much fun at the library and because I discovered, I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway of some of our favorite read aloud books. 

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be throwing out a book here and a book there.  All you have to do is leave a comment and I will draw a winner after a couple of days.  These books are all used, but are still in great condition!

Let's start out with one that is not only a fun story but works in some great math too!

My parents have this book and I remember reading it to my sisters growing up.  My girls call it the "Grandma book".  It's a short fun story about dividing up the batch of cookies amongst the ever increasing crowd of friends.

The book is slightly bent but still in great shape!

Leave a comment an I'll choose a winner on Monday!


Abbie said...

How fun to do this! =) You always make things exciting, Grace! =)

Raising Saints said...

We love our library too, usually go once or twice a week for storytime. :)

Ginger Clark said...

Well I can speak from experience, the library here in Dallas, TX does hold gobs of books!
We go to the library every Tuesday. Have since the kids were little bity. I don't purchase any books I can get free at the library, and since our library is so big, it's a HUGE savings!