Monday, November 5, 2012

Ella Joy~ Fall 2012

This is my Ella.  My Bella.  My Belle.  My Elle Belle.  My Bellie Baby.

She is almost three.

Ella is my sunshine girl.  My joy bug.  Her personality is out going and friendly.  She loves going new places, meeting new  people, and being a genuine social butterfly.  Ella loves her cousins, her future flower girl dress, her "Orangie" pillow, her sister's clothes, her tooth brush and doing anything her sisters do.  Ella is so funny!  All of her "er" sounds she says "ee".  All of her "cu" sounds she says "too".  So instead of her "cutie cutie cousins" she has her "tootie tootie tousins". 

Ella's greatest struggle these days is a total lack of self-control.  Because she was the easiest baby imaginable, it's been a bit of a turn around to be struggling so much with her now.  Whether it's cutting things, eating things, getting into food, drawing on her face, drawing on her body, drawing on her bed, drawing on the walls, drawing on her shoes.... you get the idea.  Whatever her hand finds to do, she does, regardless of the consequences.  It's times like these that I begin to wonder, what in the world am I doing wrong?  It's also the times like these that I remember all of the previous seasons we've been through with our girls.  God is faithful.  So we carry on.

Ella is growing up so fast.  This was her only a few months ago.

This is her now!  I'm so in love with her little goldilocks!

My prayer for Ella is that she will come to know Jesus as her Lord as Savior and that His Spirit will teach her to live a life completely controlled by Him.  That her joy and love will be a tremendous blessing to all that she comes in contact with.


Ginger Clark said...

Our Julia is almost 3 and her greatest struggle is being illogical. Whew, I need grace to endure! :)
She cries that she wants her blanket, then cries that she doesn't want her blanket when I give it to her, then she wants it, doesn't want it, wants it. Oh my! I told all the kids today: For this phase, no choices. No choices at all. Just tell her that you're going to change her diaper, tell her what her snack is, etc.
Doesn't make it easier, but less confusing at least.

Anonymous said...

We love you sweet Ella!
Love, Talia and Ellie