Thursday, November 15, 2012

Esther~ Fall 2012

This is my Esther.  My Essie.  My Bessie.  My Bessie-boo.  My Bubby.  My Bubbly.  My Bess.  My Itty-Bitty Baby.  My Essie-Bessie-Bubbly-Bitty-Baby.  I could go on.  I know.  I need help....

She's seventeen and a half months old.

Seventeen and a half months old.  Seventeen and a half months old.  Honestly, I'm in denial.  We've never had a gap this big before and to me, she's still my baby.  It helped that she was almost seventeen months before she started walking.  She is growing up so fast though, that my denial is utterly blind.  Esther is walking, starting to talk (Mama,  HI DADA (screamed as loud as she can as soon as he walks in the door), Ella, Boppa, Nana (Anna), down), she's signing (please, thank-you, more, milk, hat, shoes, bus, baby) and wants to constantly be in the middle of whatever her big sisters are doing.  Her most used modes of communication are her little "Hmm?" sounds she makes with her mouth closed, and screaming.  But the screaming is finally subsiding and other communication is creeping in.  It's a joyous thing!

Esther is a strong willed, controlling, DARLING!  She puts us through the ringer, but we are all completely smitten with her.  Every day she is growing in obedience and contentment and becomes more and more delightful to be around.  She is very affectionate, and while I don't think she could be categorized as a "snuggler" she does like to snuggle in occasionally.  It's heavenly.

Esther's favorite pastime is..... kissing.  She loves kisses, and gives them out liberally and willingly.  And if she kisses you, she has to kiss me, and everyone else in the room.  Sometimes she'll sit kissing Mommy, then Daddy, then Mommy, then Daddy on and on and on.  It's priceless!

Poor Esther did not enjoy our last photo shoot very much.  It was if being told to sit on the porch was the most heartbreaking thing she could have imagined.

Sometimes being the littlest with no voice (and no nap) is just plain hard!
But our sweet Esther is growing up into a delightful little girl!
My prayer for Esther is that her heart, soul, mind and strength will be completely given over to the Lord.  That her drive and spunk will draw others to Christ.  That we will be diligent in training, disciplining and raising her up.  That she will know our love and learn how to love those around her.

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Charlene said...

I have been waiting for Esther's update. I'm glad she is started to talk more and scream less. You and David are doing a great job with her (and all the kids).

Talia was 17 months old when we first got her. Crazy how time flies! A lot of the things you mentioned Esther doing Talia learned to do while we had her. Such a fun age.