Monday, May 6, 2013

Morning Musings

I am blessed.
As the head aches and the baby cries.
As breakfast sits unmade and fatigue threatens to consume.
As girls squabble and the house self-destructs.
I am blessed.
As the silent voices whisper, "You will never be enough",
And my tired body states, "You will never make it through",
And my burdened soul screams, " You can never make things right".
I am blessed.
For even though I struggle, I flounder and flail,
Still I rest in the arms of my Father,
Who knows my every need and wipes away every tear.
I'm romanced by the Lover of my soul,
Who dazzles me with beauty and whispers to me words of undying love.
I walk hand in hand with my Friend,
Who cheers me, stands up for me, will never leave my side.
I am blessed.
My Jesus has paid for me.
I am His.
He will see me through every trial.
He will cradle me through every dark night.
My failings are nothing to Him.
I know the One who made the promises.
And who will keep them.
I am blessed.


Anonymous said...

Pure truth. Absolutely beautiful! Jason Gray's "I am New" has been looping in my head lately...


Charlene said...

Did you write this? This is beautiful. Just what I needed. It's so easy to think about the negative things - but bottom line we are blessed and loved! What an Awesome God we serve.