Friday, May 3, 2013

Whipped Cream, Whipped Cream, Morning, Noon and Night!!!

Okay, maybe not THAT extreme.  But have you heard about Trim Healthy Mama?

Around here I kept hearing about it right and left.  First it was this friend,  then it was that friend.  Of course I had to check it out.  In true "me" fashion, I bought the book, bought the extra ingredients and was certain that this was going to be the key to change my life.

And in true "me" fashion, I only lasted about three days before I moped over to my husband and said "I just don't think this is for me.".  Sure I believed the process.  Sure I tried out some recipes that were really quite amazing.  But after trying a few things that failed (Oopsie Bread and I are not destined to be friends) and after those sugar, white carb cravings that I "couldn't" overcome, I caved.  "Maybe someday!" was my parting remark.  It seemed that Trim Healthy Mama and I had parted ways forever.

Time passed.  And then those friends kept popping up again.  "I've lost thirty pounds!" they'd cry.  "I feel better than I've ever felt!".  Over and over I saw their results.  And it lured me back in to give it another try.

Now granted, I'm still me.  But me has made it to Day 5 so far and I'm LOVING it!!!  While the first few days of course those old habits wanted to have control again, by today I don't even have the desire to snack on something I shouldn't.  The method is more about how you eat (as in what you eat together) that what you eat.  Of course it cuts out the really bad guys ( sugar, flour etc.) but there are so many delicious recipes that before you know it you don't even miss the old.

There really is nothing special you have to start with either.  No expensive ingredients are needed.

I wish I could explain it all but I'll just say, try and get your hands on the book!  There is a ton of great info in there!  And great recipes.  Look what I had for breakfast!  I would be drooling except I'm still STUFFED from my delicious lunch!

I'm not promising to be eating the THM way for the rest of my life, or for a year, or for a month (in fact I'm planning on cheats, I just don't FEEL like taking them!!), but I do know that I'm excited about this, I'm feeling really good and the scale is already budging after just five days!  Can't wait to see where this journey takes me!

Have you tried Trim Healthy Mama?  Are you like me, someone who gets SUPER excited then fades out, or someone who plans carefully and carries things through?


Carissa said...

Hello! I am doing THM and I love it. It has been 4 weeks and I have lost 10 pounds! The cravings do go away fairly quickly and there are so many different options to try when you get them. Whenever I feel like I want to cheat I make the buffalo chicken wings with a HUGE batch of oily, salty crunchy, kale chips and dip it all in ranch. I feel like I am cheating but really its just an s meal! Also remember that one cheat meal wont make you fat or unhealthy just like one on plan meal wont make you skinny or healthy. Its easy to just start back up again. I have had cheat meals and I am still loosing and feeling good! I am excited to see your updates on this ;)

Carissa Williams

PS I think we both know Alysun Peters? She is the one who talked to me about THM.

Grace said...

Thanks for sharing Carissa! I get so excited hearing stories like yours. Your advice is just what I need to keep in mind even when I feel like I've blown it!

Aly sun said...

Keep up the good work! Yes, I'm a THM follower. I started January 1 after Season showed me her book in December at a MOPS meeting. It's funny, because I just saw a picture of myself from that meeting (I didn't remember anyone snapping my picture). Probably no one would say I was overweight, but I did not feel comfortable in that body. My 4th baby had me eating like crazy (lots of carbs and fats together!) and I gained 50 pounds. As of Christmas, I still had 23 pounds to lose and the scale wasn't budging. I lost quickly and found the THM way to be easy to follow and best of all, easy for me to follow while feeding my family. My goal was to lose 23 pounds by my babies first birthday on 4-16 and I did it! And while I don't stick to THM all the time now, the principles are with me for a lifetime. I love how God created our bodies and I love how Serene and Pearl tapped into some beautiful wisdom to help women look and feel better so we can live our best life for His glory.