Thursday, November 6, 2014

Darin's Birth~ Part 4

       On day three of our stay at the hospital the doctor came with the final word that we were going to have to stay in the hospital for at least six more days.  That was a bit of a hard pill to swallow.  The reality of such a long hospital stay hadn't really crossed my mind.  David had such a great attitude about it though and our girls were having a grand time with grandparents and uncles and aunties. 

          They also told us that they would keep as at Silverton Hospital to the very best of their ability.  We found out later on just how amazingly blessed we were by this.  This birthing center doesn't keep sick babies, but transfers them to a bigger hospital with a NICU.  Which would have meant that Darin would have stayed in the nursery while we waited somewhere else.  As it was they had to move us to a different part of the hospital, but they gave us a beautiful room with somewhere David could sleep.  The nurses from the birth center came all the way across to take care of us!  The best part was Darin was able to stay with us the entire time.  They brought the IV pump right in our room and anything else that had to be done happened right there with us. 

          Darin was such a trooper.  Even after being poked and prodded unceasingly, he was just a delightful little baby!

(His poor little arm!  He kept whacking himself in the face!)

       There were some long days, but we had lots of special visitors come see us which was encouraging!

         Our sweet Sister-in-law, Hannah, even brought us out a delicious home cooked meal one evening.  The hospital allowed us to continue to order meals which again was a huge blessing.  The food there was actually quite tasty.  This was my favorite hospital meal that I ordered at least seven or eight times for either lunch or dinner!
          There came a point I thought I would never want turkey dinner again, but I must admit, my mouth is drooling now!!! 
         The days passed quicker than I thought they would.  I found that having nothing to do but ~feed my baby, snuggle my baby, stare at my baby, repeat~ was a life I quite enjoyed!  And he grew like a weed!  I felt like I was watching him grow in front of my eyes.  By one week old he had surpassed his birth weight by five ounces!
          I need to take a brief moment here to say how overwhelmingly blessed we were by the entire hospital staff the entire time we were there.  They treated us like royalty and were so friendly, kind and encouraging.  Because we were there for such a chunk, we had several of the same nurses several times.  It was so fun to learn about their families and their backgrounds.  Many of them were outspoken believers and it was tremendously encouraging to have the body of Christ right there in the hospital caring for us!  I miss them all!!!
          Whew!  I think I'll finally finish up tomorrow!!!!!

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