Monday, November 3, 2014

Darin's Birth~ Part 2

    After Darin was born we all cried and kissed and kissed a cried, the placenta was delivered without any problem, Auntie Rachel cut the cord, I got a solid chunk of skin to skin time with my boy, he ate like a champ, everyone got a little snuggle time with Darin and we all kissed and cried some more.  Rachel and the girls headed home around 11:00 or so, and David, Darin and I "settled in for the night". 

     Apparently, after six babies your body likes to bleed a little more than usual even when everything goes well.  I spent the night with my sweet, sweet nurse who seems just a little less sweet after coming in every twenty minutes to press on your uterus all night long.  I passed many very, very large clots but after the nurse's diligent work, everything seemed to settle down and by 5:00 in the morning she said all was well!

     All night long, even with the excitement, I was euphoric.  The tears of joy just kept coming as I marveled at my beautiful son.  I couldn't do anything except give thanks.  Lying there with my baby in my arms was all I could dream of.

       The next day was a joy filled day as we had many of our favorite people come and meet Darin. 


(Somehow I am missing a chunk of pictures of many other special visitors!  Thank you all who came to see us.  We were so, so blessed and encouraged by you all!)
     It was a wonderful day.  Darin was eating great and looked wonderful.  I felt fabulous even after not sleeping much at all the night before.  We felt so very loved not only by those who came to see us but by everyone else who contacted us or wished us well online! 
     We LOVE Silverton Hospital, but we were looking forward to heading home that evening and sleeping in our own bed.  The nurse took Darin for his hearing test, we packed up everything and packed it in the truck.  We were ready to head out the door when the nurse brought Darin back in with a very sad look on her face.  She said, " I'm so, so sorry, but he has spiked a fever and his respiration is very high.  The doctor wants you to stay overnight."
To be continued......

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Raising Saints said...

Oh he is just too cute! (I hope he is doing better now?!) and I see your SIL had a little girl!! Congrats all around .. you are blessed for sure!