Friday, August 22, 2008

Our new pool!

The other night, Daddy once again proved himself to be the most amazing daddy ever and brought the girls home a pool! They were so excited! They tried it out that evening with him and then again the next afternoon when the aunties came over. Lydia really enjoyed it, but soon got distracted with playing here, there and everywhere. Havilah did not like it AT ALL! All she ever got were her toes dipped in, but even that sent her weeping. Bethany was the little water dog. She played and played and played until we made her got out! Water is so much fun!


Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

How fun! My boys love to fill our plastic pool up and splash all the water out and then put in new water... over and over again! It was sure great to see you last night, give me a call (5032693915) if you are coming into town and want to drop the girls off to run errends or just common over for a playdate!!!

We Six Nasons said...

Oh that looks so fun. They are all so precious in their little swimming suits.