Saturday, August 9, 2008

Polk County Fair

She actually kissed it! I just missed it with the camera

I guess this rabbit looks harmless enough!

Last night we went to the Polk County Fair. My sisters, Rachel and Anna, went with us girls earlier in the afternoon and David joined us after work. We watched the talent show for a while but it wasn't very gripping so went on to hear the wordless book story, eat some cotton candy (an all time favorite, but the bubblegum flavor this year tasted a little strange!) and play on the swings. David finally joined us, we ate some stir-fry, watched a little more of the talent show (Good job Paul Carter!), and went to look at the animals.

I was in 4-H every year since the 4th grade ( except my senior year when I got married!) so it's always strange to go back just as a visitor! Bethany adored the animals (especially the cows!) but Lydia was much more cautious. Havilah didn't care too much as long as one of her aunties were talking to her.

After the animals, we played on the tractors for awhile, then went and saw Uncle Peter's cooking. Third place king of the cookstove at only sixteen. Pretty good!

I love the Polk County Fair! It's has such a hometown feel to it. It's weird to think about when my kids get older and what things we will choose to have them involved in. 4-H was certainly a good experience for me though.


Kelly said...

So I got your facebook message about the fair on tuesday... we were there all day friday (rabbit day) and sunday (round robin) My MIL says that you are the goat gal :)

Grace said...

I can't deny it! Showed pygmies for eight years. Couldn't show my last year because I got married. I didn't really mind! Sad to have missed you!