Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summer Lessons

What an interesting summer this has been! We're dealing with a new baby, almost two monthes without work and possibly a change of jobs. We are reminded daily how amazingly important it is to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. David was gone for a week cabin leading at camp. My sister Anna came to stay with us and we had a great time, but we missed Daddy ( and husband!) so much! Now he's home and having to face once again that life that is so full of stresses and cares. I'm working at being a help meet to him and trying to put that as first importance. It's crazy how easy it is to get so off in our thinking and allow selfishness to ruin so many mornings, days and evenings. Praise God that He is patient with us and gives us another chance! I am surrounded by so many amazing blessings if I just choose to look past my self pity and ingrattitude. I love my husband so much! Every day we are learning how to better love and express our love to each other! Sorry this is so scattered!!!

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