Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Feeling toasty warm!

So our huge dilemma this Fall/Winter was our need for a wood stove. Finances have been pretty tight and we couldn't imagine paying our amazingly expensive furnace to pump heat out of our paper thin windows all winter long again this year! But we also didn't see where the $3,000+ was going to come from for the stove, pipe and other materials needed to get a wood stove in. But once again God proved that He is not subject to our circumstances and placed a stove right in front of us for $400! We also got a really good deal on some of our pipe and some financial blessings from some very unexpected sources! Every day I am so blessed to crawl up beside a crackling fire and I thank God for His amazing provisions!

Cutting into our dining room

My husband is amazing! He knows how to do EVERYTHING!!!

How our whole house looks during construction!

A constant audience ( Wow! I didn't even notice the hair until I posted this one!)

Praise the Lord!!!
( There will be a wood trim at the top of the tile and as a base board! We also will repaint it eventually!)


Aly sun said...

It is such a blessing (I had no idea how much a blessing before I married) to have a handy husband. Yours does wonderful work. I LOVE wood heat. Our furnace only comes on in our big old house in the morning. It's great.

Anonymous said...

My family had a woodstove when I was growing up and we loved it. There's nothing like wood heat. What a blessing to see how the Lord provides exactly for our needs. :)