Monday, November 24, 2008

God's AMAZING plans!

I am so excited this morning as I got to see pictures of this beautiful baby girl that was born this last week. I don't even know her name yet!
In 2001 the King family ( my in-laws) agreed to let a young man from Germany come and stay with them for two weeks while the exchange student coordinator tried to find another home for him to move to. After a bit of time they realized that they would like to have him stay with them for the entire school year. After just a few months, Klaus got saved. Not just " repeat a prayer to make others happy" saved, but deep down repentant, saved by grace, surrendered to Christ saved! He went home that June but his faith stayed with him. It has been so amazing to hear how God has been working in and through him as he lives out his faith among friends and family that don't believe the same as him. Last summer he got married to a beautiful Russian girl named Nelly who also loves the Lord with her whole heart. And now God has blessed them with a beautiful daughter who they will raise to love the Lord and be mighty in His kingdom. I am over whelmed at the Lord's great plans that He is capable of bringing about and also how great an impact we can have on some one's life if we are faithful in loving them and showing them God's love.

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Aly sun said...

So cool to see how God intertwines lives. Glad to hear about the blessing!