Monday, June 15, 2009

Family Pictures!!

One of the biggest blessings of having this blog has been not only keeping in touch with people I very rarely see, but also finding some new "friends" (that is what I call you!) who I've never actually met in real life. I love following their blogs and knowing what's going on in their lives.

One such "blogging buddy" is Alysun. She found my blog back at it's very beginning through her sister-in-law and has been such a great encouragement to me through it all as she is very generous with her comments and updates.

Alysun is also a wonderful photographer! I've drooled over her work for months now. We were always the "go to Penny's and hope for the best" type of a family, but I loved to see how creative Alysun's work was and how she seemed to get good pictures every shoot! When I found out how affordable she was (about half of what we would spend at Penny's!) I couldn't resist!

Yesterday we met at the park. It was delightful to meet her in person! We all had a wonderful time (even David said it was fun!) and I always felt so confidant in everything she had a us do. Havilah was not in the mood to be easily entertained and didn't hand out hardly any smiles, but still she was able to capture some adorable pictures of her.

Let me just say that I am 100% satisfied with the whole experience and would (and hopefully will!) go back to her in an instant! I can't wait to see all the pictures, but she has given a nice sampling at her photography blog~ .

Thank you Alysun!!!


Melanie said...

I saw the pictures last night or this morning, and you're right - they are great! Good job, Alysun!

Sonja said...

Those pictures turned out great! Your girls are very sweet.

Kelly said...

Oh, yes, you can see the fun captured! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L family, inside and out!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Your friend does a nice job!

I was just at Brady's blog and noticed you left a comment. It's amazing that you know so many of the people I grew up with!! Small world. Hopefully we'll get to meet in person someday. :)