Friday, June 19, 2009

One lesson down. Many more to come!

The other night I got the urge to teach Lydia some more skills that will benefit her ( and me (sheepish grin!)) in the future. I decided to tackle the dreaded "knife lesson", with the firm resolution that if things didn't go well ( you know, blood, missing fingers etc.) we would stop.

My first born displayed her first born qualities and took to it amazingly well. She was very cautious and meticulous as she sliced her strawberries and celery into perfect, uniform pieces. I also let her have a hand in grating the cheese. It was such a fun evening and she was so proud of herself!
Bethany got to be the official "Pick up the celery and put it in the bowl girl". Anything to make her feel important and as far away from a knife as I can get her!
The next task that I'm dreading to teach: "How to crack an egg". I don't even know where to begin!


Melanie said...

Her insense look with that knife is so cute! Regarding cracking an egg, I don't know any tips ~ sorry!

Aly sun said...

Takes awhile to teach these things, but it sure is worth it. I let Emma use a knife! It is so frightening, but she loves the independence and the responsibility. As for cracking an egg, Emma is begging to do that. I haven't attempted it either, but she is great at stirring the in the bowl and also cooking in the pan. Such a help!

Kelly said...

Cracking eggs is the only part of cooking that my boys think is cool... that and pretending the vita mix plunger is a lightsaber :)

grace said...

So cute! Great pics of your girls in the kitchen. I taught my girl to crack eggs at age 4. As to how you teach egg cracking... You just have to show them and then let them try it. In the beginning, she always cracked eggs into a separate dish "just in case" :)