Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Fabulous Weekend!

To celebrate our fifth anniversary, David and I decided that this year we really would go away, by ourselves, and have some time together. We haven't gone away without the kids since we've had the kids! And don't get me wrong, we adore our girls! We love spending time with them! But there is just a time when we need to be just us. And that time was way over due! So we dropped the girls off at Grandma and Boppa's and took off. ( Let me just add here again what a tremendous blessing it is to have family so close. Our girls feel almost as at home at my parent's house as at our own!).

We went to Newport and stayed in Shilo Inn. Now this may not seem like luxury to many of you, but for me, I assure you it was! No cleaning, no cooking! I usually only have hospital stays to look forward to for such treatment! It was fabulous!

Sorry for the messy picture! As I said, we really did very little cleaning!
This is the beautiful Newport Bridge.

My handsome hubby gleaning knowledge as always. He amazes me!

We spent much of the day Saturday walking all around the Newport Bay. David loved the boats and I loved the Salt Water Taffy! Of course we had to spend some time watching the sleeping sea lions. As I was thinking how scary it would be to have one of those glide by you as you were swimming ( they really are quite big!), my husband was thinking what might happen if you jumped down onto their platform and woke them up!

Unfortunately, once again I forgot to get any pictures of "us" (very embarrassed!), but we are hopefully getting family pictures taken soon! It was such a special time that I will always remember. I am so thankful for such a wonderful and romantic husband who is also my very best friend. I'd rather spend time with him than anyone in the world!


Melanie said...

Hi Grace! I kept finding myself over at your blog after visitin Alysun's, so I finally just subcribed myself.

Having my husband be my best friend - the person I'd rather be spending time with of anyone in the world - is such a gift. It's well worth waiting for!

Aly sun said...

There is something about that time alone, to remember what why you fell in love and continue to grow together in love... ahh. I am feeling all mushy inside. Good for you for getting away!

Sonja said...
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Sonja said...

Hi Grace! This is Sonja. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog, and seeing all the pictures you post. I'm glad you and David had a fun trip to Newport. Brian and I stayed at that same Shilo inn for our 1 year anniversary!

Kelly said...

Yeah! That is so great! Whoopie for wonderful God-fearing grandparents! Judi's house is my boy's second home for sure (and according to them, what heaven must be like)such a blessing that I hope I never take for granted!