Monday, August 10, 2009

Coffee for a name idea!!!

Some days it feels like it's flying and some days it feels like it's dragging, but either way, here I am at 16 weeks! It seems like I never get any pregnancy pictures until I'm HUGE so I decided to try and catch a little more of the progression this time. Lydia was my fabulous photographer and kept wanting to take more and more pictures. I finally had to say we had enough!

I'm definitely showing sooner than I have before, but I'm okay with that! I really love looking pregnant (of course only if I actually am!).
For those of you who missed the original announcement, we are expecting Baby #4 January 20, 2010. This pregnancy has been great for me. I've felt really good, just extra tired! We are NOT finding out what we are having (sorry all of you who can't stand secrets! We really aren't trying to be mean!). No deeply convicted reasons. We simply love the thrill of the surprise!
When I was expecting Lydia I was p-o-s-i-t-i-v-e she was a boy. That was definitely a surprise! With Bethany I was about 50/50. With Havilah I was pretty sure she was a girl.
This time around I go from being around 98.7% to 99.6% sure that it's a girl. Here is where I need your help! We have a boy's name list nearly a mile long that we both love and agree on. I think that we could successfully name about 94 boys. With girls, it's like pulling teeth to come up with one we both like, let alone want to name our child!
Please, PLEASE, PLEASE give us your ideas!!! I'm so desperate that I'm going to do my first little give away.For everyone who leaves a comment during the next three days, on Thursday (the 13th) all of your names will go in a hat (or possibly another handy drawing receptacle) and the winner will receive a 5$ Dutch Brothers or Starbuck's gift card. I know, not dreadfully exciting, but this is my first time so humor me here!
For those of you who do not have a Google account I need to apologize! I have told you in the past to simply post under "anonymous". Today as I was checking my settings I realized that I wasn't set up to receive anonymous comments! If you could only feel my shame! Never fear though, the situation has been rectified and now it's as simple as clicking "anonymous" to leave me a comment. I would be so thankful to hear from you. Just please leave your name so I know who you are and I can put you in my drawing!
To finish things up, let me give you a little background on our name choosing process. The one rule that we stick with is "It has to be a Bible name". Other than that, be creative!
So far~
*All of our girl's names are places in the Bible
* All of our girl's names have three syllables
* All of our girl's names can be shorten to end in a eee sound (Lydie, Bethy, Havi)
We are looking at breaking probably all of these "so fars" s don't let them hold you back. I thought I'd just throw them out there. Thank you all! I'll be back on Thursday!!!


Marsha said...

Hosanna Hope
Hannah Grace
Rebekah Mercy

Boys names:

Zebedee John
Gabriel Michael

Aly sun said...

Oh, you've come to the right place! Girl names we have no problem with, boy names.... *insert cricket sounds*

Charis (greek for Grace)

I admire your patience to wait and it will be so exciting either way. Do you share the name you picked out or is everything a surprise?

Melanie said...

Ooh - coffee givaway is exciting to me!

Let's see...

Joanna is a Biblical name - I was surprised to learn this, as it sounds very modern to me. I think she saw the empty tomb with the other women we're more familiar with.

Is Tamara a Biblical name? Or just Tamar?

There's also Abigail - that's a nice one. She was the wife of the foolish man who ticked off David, and then became David's wife when he died.

That's all I can think of for now; if I think of more, I'll let you know.

Martha A. said...

So , you only want girl's names or boys too?

Girl's names
Faith Elizabeth
Mishael Elizabeth(This is my sister's name, it is actually a man/boys name in the bible, but we pronounced it Michelle, but in hebrew is Mishiell with a long I)
Miriam Grace

For boys:

Martha A. said...

Oops, I forgot my email martha(at)lclink(dot)com

MommaBlogger said...

Our girl's name is Ariel Christina. Ariel is an angel that is listed twice in the bible and means lion of God.

Our boy's names are as follows:

Benjamin Judah
Ethan Daniel
Samuel Jacob
Aaron Josiah
Zachary William. Zach's middle name was after my great grandfather, so that's why his is a little different.

I don't know if you can use any of those or not, but it's worth a shot :) Everyone loves our kids names, so they seem to go over well :D

Rebekah said...

My personal favorites are Harmony, Hosanna, Pheobe, and Ruth.

Rebekah said...

Hey Grace, I knew a family once who named their third daughter after the older two- it was really cute. Since Lydia had your name as a middle name (kind of special already) you could name the next one Rachel Kathryn- after the next two.
:) Just a thought.

Charlene said...

Well, picking names is not a strong point for me. But here's some that I like:
Not quite as common, but pretty:
Attalia (God's due season)
Kyria (Noble lady)

There's another one I like, but Scott and I have talked about it for when we have a baby to name so I can't give it to you!!

memoriesmama said...

I'm having a hard time coming up with a girl name as well, but that is because we are trying to stick to our "rules". I think your rules are easier to adhere to!


memoriesmama . netonecom . net

Beth said...

Anne likes the name Agatha...means good, kind...the name, which I wanted to use if we had had a fourth child was Tessa, because that means "fourth child".You could put in another letter for another syllable..Tessia?You will have to use Mary for a middle name because the Marys we know are incredible, godly women...Agatha Joy? Tessia Mary? Use Anna in combo with it is! JoyAnna Mary! More to come....

Heather Lynn said...


Amanda said...

Cherith (a brook near Jericho) 1 Kings 17:3-7


I hear your pain - we were stumped for our third daughter and ended up breaking our Bible name pattern.

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace this is Autie Rachel!!!
I know I could talk to you in person, but the coffee thing sounds exciting:)

I like:
Elisabeth/ really has grown on me:)

This is a great idea so now David will need to talk about it:)bwahahaha

Jessie said...

Abilene (Abby)
Calvary (Caly)
Hephzibah (hmm... not so sure about Hephy!)

My girls are both 3 syllables with a first syllable that ending in a -il sound. I've only found two more options for us if we are to follow suit.

Aly sun said...

See, I told you that a give-away brings out the commenters! How fun to read all these great names.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thanks for allowing us anonymous lurkers to comment!

Baby naming is one of those HUGE but fun pregnancy jobs!
I have a couple biblical place names I like (you’ve got the best ones already, I think!)
Saphir – beautiful; I think the nickname Saffie for a little girl is really cute; BUT the biblical reference (Micah 11:1) is rather unfortunate – not sure how you construe that as positive!
Cilicia – can’t find a meaning; I think it’s pretty if you use the Latin pronunciation, but you know I’m partial to i’s and l’s in names; Acts6:9,9:30, 15:41
Moriah – the chosen of Jehovah; where Abraham went to sacrifice Isaac, David built an altar there as well
I like Cherith, too, which someone already mentioned

And, because I’m all but completely sure I won’t need them anymore :), I’ll offer a few from my own list:
(see? Told you about the i’s and l’s!)

This little person is going to be a blessing whatever name he/she ends up with!

yikes - sorry for the book-length comment :)
~Marie (aka antie rie)

Sarah Blackstone said...

We like doing Bible names, too :) And I also like picking out names that most people don't use when they think of Bible names.

Pearl (heaven's pearly gate)
Rose (Rose of Sharon)
Violet (The veil in the temple was made of violet cloth - 2 Chronicles 3:14 NASV)
Ruby (Proverbs 31:10)

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace, this is a fun post! My friend Caren ("Meadow's Revenge" of my blog friends) has done name posts when she was expecting, and she always got lots of good response.

I really like Eden, Eva, Christiana, Rachael and Charis.

Anonymous said...

sneaking back in all embarrassed: i somehow missed the inviolable requirement for Biblical names - sorry 'bout that.
I'll just add to all the wonderful suggestions so far: Lily - I love Jesus' reference to the lilies of the field

Jillian likes Meribah. I don't know why, but I am requeted to pass that on...

I really came back here today to say what a cute bump you have and what an amazing photograher!

~ a. marie

Anonymous said...

Hey Grace, this is Theresa! :-) I don't have very many name ideas, looks like you've got some great ones already but here are some that might work:

1. Evelynn "Evie"
2. Harmony -but nicknames are tough for this one "Hari" "Harmi" :-)
3. Esther "Ethie"

We are praying for you as you finish up these last 5 months. Love and hugs, Theresa

Rebekah said...

Hey- What about Trinity (Trinny, if you want to shorten it)? My dad has an aunt named Essie (Esther). Well, he had about a dozen of them, but I doubt you would be interested in names like Maude....

Anonymous said...

Bummer, I'm too late. Oh well, maybe during the next time you're expecting you can tap into my well spring of knowledge.