Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Updating, or maybe not!

I was looking through my blog the other day and as I read through the introduction of my third daughter I just had to laugh! This is what it said:

"Havilah Kathryn is our precious little angel. She is one year old and is already growing up so fast. She is filled with a sweetness that is straight from heaven! Her smile cheers up even the gloomiest of moments. She already enjoys being with her sisters and likes to talk to anyone who will listen."

For a little background, we know only one other Havilah, a sweet, gentle and dear young woman. That was always my mental picture of "Havilah". I remember saying soon after she was born, " Lydia and Bethany are such live wires, I think that Havilah is going to be our quiet one.". Boy was I clueless! By five months old we began to see that this child was different. Without a doubt the most strong willed baby I had ever seen. And this was at five months old!!! She describes "strong-willed child" perfectly.

So you may be thinking, "Why did she write that intro about her in the first place?". Well, if you go back to the very beginning of my blog you will notice that I started it when Havilah was five and a half weeks old! I wrote the intro and have only updated it during this time to change to the age as she got older.

The funny thing to me is the fact that as I read that intro it's strikes as so "not Havilah". And yet the more I look at it, the more it feels right.

Her "sweetness" that is "straight from heaven" is not always that easy to see, ( I've had to get up from writing this post three times to deal with her screaming!) but it's there. Every now and then she crawl over and lay her head down on your lap, or she'll lean over with her mouth wide open asking for a kiss. Her smile continues to shatter any grumpiness or cloud that hovers over me at times. Getting her up in the morning is like basking in a bright ray of sunshine. And yes, she certainly likes to talk to anyone who will listen! ( Maybe the "angel" thing was a little over the top!).

So why do I not think of these things as my thoughts go to my daughter? Maybe I need to readjust my thinking a little. Be a little more patient and a lot more thankful for the precious gift of my precious daughter. I'm so thankful that our children are not merely for our personal enjoyment, but are tools to help shape us as well! Boy does she ever!

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Aly sun said...

Seems like the personality traits that we see in the very beginning resurface again after this trying toddler time. I saw that for sure with my oldest. Her fantastic quirks were sometimes hidden behind tantrums and screaming, but they were there all along.