Friday, October 2, 2009

King Family Update~ Part 4

Okay, here we go again! Our computer has been partially out of commission, but is finally feeling better. I'm very excited about catching up on everything that's been going on around here!

Out of everyone in our family, Havilah has been going through the most life changes. She is now just over seventeen months and she FINALLY started walking a few weeks ago! It was never really a concern to us as it was obvious that it was a problem of will and not ability. As soon as she finally decided that she wanted to walk it took her about a day and a half to become quite proficient at it.

While she still is demonstrating very strongly her God given personality of being determined, strong-willed and persevering, ( hence the six times since starting this post that I have had to discipline or correct her,) she is getting past much of her frustration and grumpiness in general and we are enjoying a much more affectionate, loving and joyful little girl these days.

Talking is in the near future I'm pretty sure. Aside from sign language, she says, "Up", "Dog" (used for any animal), "Boppa", "Anna" , "Da-Da" and "Mama" but only if she's crying.

It still cracks me up when I think about how I thought this third little girl of ours would be our mellow and laid back one, ( make that now eight interruptions for Havi!) but I am so thankful for this precious little one. She truly is our little "joy bug" and every moment spent with her is a treasure.


Aly sun said...

These strong personalities keep us on our toes. It may take awhile, but it is amazing how a child eventually finds peace in the boundaries and she becomes a delight. Keep up the good work.

Mary Cunningham said...

ah havi! what a precious girl. I LOVE YOU HAVI! from Miss Mary:)