Wednesday, November 18, 2009

30 Weeks!

Did I ever mention that I love being pregnant? (If you're one of those people who hate people like me, you may just want to skip this post entirely!). I really really do. I think I've always known it, but this is the first pregnancy that I've become an outspoken, die hard pregnancy lover! It is such an irreplaceable and precious time. What a privilege it is to fully care and provide for such an innocent and tender little person.

( 30 weeks!!!)
It feels like time is flying by ( didn't I just post that it was 99 days? Guess what? 64 days today!!!), and yet I am so anxious to meet this little one! After exclaiming to my husband the other day about how much I love being pregnant, He wondered if it was the pregnancy or having a baby that I loved. Let me clarify. I'm not some weirdo who simply loves being round and uncomfortable. It's the baby that I love! Pregnancy is the first step of a beautiful relationship. A chance to get to know even a little this precious little treasure that will be such an irreplaceable part of my life. I love the first step. And every step along the way!
(Okay, I am actually 31 weeks tomorrow but I didn't have an updated picture!)


Bethany Butler's Family said...

I love being pregnant too! Though I am happy to be having a brake right now! ;)

Anonymous said...

I loved being pregnant too! I miss it already.Even Labor wasn't that bad... but having a very small baby helps. I have held a lot of babies but never one this tiny She was 4lb 6oz when she was born almost back up to her birth wight!
I can't wait to hear about your new little one!
Kellie westfall

Raising Saints said...

I'm only 2 weeks behind you and yet 64 days sounds SO much less than 79! I cannot wait until I can say I'm 30 weeks .. next week! I'm not a huge fan of being pregnant ;) but I am appreciating it more this time around and am SO excited for baby! You look great by the way!!

Aly sun said...

Good for you for being an "out spoken pregnancy lover." I spent a couple pregnancies very, very miserable. But through a big reality check (miscarriage and friend's disappointments) I found myself enjoying the experience this last time around. You are right, it is the first step to a beautiful and irreplaceable relationship with a child created by God just for you!