Monday, November 23, 2009

Birthday Party Fun!!!

Yesterday was our birthday party for Bethany with my side of the family. She had quite the crowd turn up which delighted her. On top of Great-Grandma, Great-Boppa, Grandma, Boppa and the aunties, some other special guests including Nana ( other great-grandma), Great Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Peter ( Mary's fiance) and "Uncle" Thomas ( best friend, adopted uncle) were able to make it.
We went for ice cream sundaes this year and with Bethany picking out the toppings, we had quite the selection!
(Bethany with Great-Boppa)
We are amazingly blessed to live so close to much of our extended family. Not only do my parents live just down the road, but my grandparents have an adjoining apartment to them. It blesses my heart to see my children get to spend such quality time with such precious people!

Thank you Lord for my precious little Bethany and for all that you have in store for her life!


Melanie said...

I am so excited about getting to keep up with my cousins through my friends' blogs!

Family parties are the best.

RachelD said...

Happy Birthday, Bethany! :)

jayne said...

The boys were just thrilled to see Uncle Peter and "Aunt" Mary in the pictures.