Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun!

If you've spent much time with me, I hope that you pick up on the fact that I am a big fan of thankfulness. That's not to say that I always remember to be thankful, but I see what a life changing experience it is when we put things in their proper perspective and give thanks where it is due. Needless to say, I love Thanksgiving!!!

We are abundantly blessed to live within five minutes of both of our parents. For some people that may not be such a blessing, but it most definitely is for us! Our families are amazing! One of the dilemmas that comes from this though is, what do we do for holidays? We do different things for different ones, but for Thanksgiving we've settled into a "every other year" routine.

This year was with the King side of the family. David comes from a family of nine children and it was so wonderful to have all but one there yesterday. Isaac is down in CA selling Christmas trees, but Jonathan and Laura were able to make it from southern Oregon and Benjamin and Andrew were able to make it home from Bible college in CA. It was such a blessed time. God is so good!

The girls LOVE their uncles! This is Uncle Andrew who has been away at school. It is so wonderful having him here!!!

Uncle Benjamin and Uncle Jonathan take charge of the turkey!

The eight uncles ( and of course the aunt!) are all soooo good with the babies and little girls! Never is there a neglected baby in this house!

Singing time is always wonderful!

Lydia enjoying her cider with Boppa King

The girls checking out the dessert counter! They get this from their mommy!

There were also eight others from the church family that joined us. What a wonderful day it was, praising the Lord for His greatness with such wonderful family!

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RachelD said...

That must be so wonderful to live so close to family! I find myself missing both my family and my sad aspect of moving across the states.