Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I love living in a place that has four seasons. I love every single one of them. Even the dreary and wet Oregon winters. But I have to say, fall is my very favorite! With it comes a very long list of many of my favorite things. Tea and hot chocolate, toasty fires in the wood stove, blankets ( lots of blankets!), long sleeves, dark evenings ( I know, hate me, but I LOVE it!), candles, soups, crisp air and beautiful colors!

David got home from work early the other day and decided to blow all of the leaves in our backyard. The girls had so much fun working with him! There is nothing better than a gigantic pile of dry leaves!

Somehow days like these just make me fall even more in love with my adorable children, my amazing husband and my beautiful Savior and Creator!
P.S. As much as I LOVE fall, I have found myself a little more eager than usual for winter to blow in this year. Anyone notice 78 days until an important day?!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Grace, I lived most of my life in a place that did NOT have four distinct (we had rainy and less rainy, although it was absolutely beautiful in its greenness). Moving to Pennsylvania has made me fall in love with the four seasons, and especially fall! I'm glad to be able to enjoy the colors and the changes.

Anonymous said...

That should have been "four distinct seasons." :)