Saturday, May 29, 2010

So What About Mom?

(I was half way through writing this and I just had to come back and start you out with this. Please try and understand how difficult it was for me to write this correctly. I am overwhelmingly passionate about this topic that I feel almost desperate to communicate it clearly. If I somehow offend you or make things unclear to you, please don't hesitate to ask for any clarification! I love you all!)

While this is a topic not often "discussed" it is one almost constantly "vented". What about "My" time? What about the things I like to do? What about being constantly left out of activities? What about a little peace and quiet? These are all legitimate questions, but there are a few things that must be considered before coming to a right conclusion.

What is the heart motivation?

This is something you have to consider for yourself. I can't tell you where you are at. No one can. You may agree with me, but only you know if you truly believe what I'm saying. Let me say this once and for all; I believe parenting to be one of the greatest gifts God has given us. I know it is because I experience it. I've also seen it be an absolute nightmare. Truly terrifying. I don't believe for one second that the difference is in the children. I truly, truly, truly don't. Call me out on it if you want, but I believe this with all of my heart. While the training has a huge impact, I don't believe that even that is the main culprit. I think the most deciding factor about what kind of a parenting experience you will have comes from YOUR heart.

Our convictions about our children play into every area of their lives. From our choice of  how many  children to have, to how we choose to train them, to why we choose to home school them, to why we wanted them in the first place. I firmly believe, if you are going to have children, you must make a choice. Choose a team. Decide which side of the line you are standing on.  What is that choice?

Are you going to raise your children for yourself or for the Lord?

Very few decisions in life will make as big of an eternal impact as this one. And take heed to this, if you do not whole-heartedly choose, you have already chosen. We are fighting against a very real and vicious enemy and we do not win by accident.

Now, if you are purposed to raise your children for yourself, I really don't have any advice for you, but there is plenty of it out there for you. Look anywhere you like. It is so prevalent that you can hardly escape it even if you're trying desperately! In fact it is sneaky too. Much of it is probably ingrained in your mind already as it is in mine.

If you are purposing to raise children to bring glory to the Lord, that is a huge factor you have to give thought to. We live in a sinful world that is a gigantic fan of self-gratification. We are completely immersed in it. It is perfectly natural then, that many of the things that seem completely normal are some of the very things or thoughts that we need to throw out. We may stick out. We may seem strange. Sounds a bit like being an "alien and stranger" of this world. Isn't that what we want?

So now that we've covered what I think is the most important aspect of this question, I have a little secret for you! But instead of saying it quietly so only you can hear, I want to shout it out loud so the whole world can hear!!! God is good! God's ways are good! And He has promised to work everything together for good for those who love Him and have been called according to His purpose!

Am I envious of moms who have whole days to themselves because their children are in school? Nope. Am I disappointed that I don't get to "hang" with my girl friends as often as I would like. Not really. Do I feel unfulfilled because I'm not earning my own money to spend how I want? Not a chance! I KNOW that I am spending every day doing something of great worth. And I LOVE it!

Having said that I should also add, I love going to candle parties, taking bubble baths, painting my toes, laying in the sun in the back yard, reading, taking naps, scrap booking etc.. And I do all of those things. Sometimes with company, sometimes without. I am not a stressed. home tied, desperate woman! I have joy-filled, peaceful, meaningful days. Why? Because God is good! And living for Him is good!

Don't we ever have bad days? Of course. What about headaches? Absolutely! Do I ever feel like I'm going crazy? Occasionally. I shown you enough of our grubby  and messy  days for you to know that! But I wouldn't change a thing. Only my selfish attitude that loves to take over. I am blessed. If you know the Lord, so are you. If you are married to a godly man, so are you. If God has blessed you with children, you are blessed abundantly. Rid yourself of the world's thoughts, start seeking the Lord's heart and then obey. You will be proclaiming along with me, God is good! His ways are good! I am blessed!


Charlene said...

What a great post Grace. You've written this, but your actions follow just what you wrote! Thanks for being so honest.

jayne said...

great post. Thanks for the reminders. :)

Melanie said...

Grace, your posts are so encouraging. Living here in the city, I feel like I'm a bit in a desert. I don't hear moms saying 'raising children is a job worth doing!' It's so good to hear you say it.

Aly sun said...

Honestly, when I first read through this I thought, "I want SPECIFICS on when you find time for yourself." I didn't get it until I mulled it over for quite awhile. Serve God through serving your family and any time for yourself is just a blessing. It is contrary to how the world thinks and I'm still having a hard time accepting it. Selfishness is easier, but NOT more rewarding. I'm a work in progress and God is using people like you to change my way of thinking and in turn my actions toward my family. Thank you for sharing your heart and life.

Johanna said...

A very encouraging and uplifting post! Thanks! :-)

Season said...

Well put Grace! I just love you! Your family is blessed!

Mrs. Skelton said...

What a wonderful post! I was very encouraged reading it!

amandavital said...

so powerful, so encouraging, I love reading your blog, it is so POSITIVE!!!! that is exactly what i want to read, need to read, need to make sure I am applying...

thank you