Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cousin Fun!!!!

One of the best parts of the entire wedding trip was getting to live in the same house as our adorable niece for three days!

Talia and Ella are 2 1/2 months apart and really had fun playing and crawling all over each other!

Isn't she beautiful?

This auntie cannot get enough of her! Talia is our only niece so far (but two more cousins on the way!!!).

This was the girls when we last saw them back in May.

They had a much better time together this trip!  I am so excited to watch these sweeties grow up together!

Speaking of cousins, David's cousin is visiting from Alaska and it has been so much fun connecting with her and her little sweeties!  The twins are only two months older than Ella, but watching them together was hilarious!  Could they be any more different?

What a blessing family is!

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Raising Saints said...

I love cousins!! :)

Talia is beautiful, I agree, and I love her name. Ella is as precious as ever. And those two sweeties in the last picture are adorable .. I LOL'd at your caption for that picture. You must be loving life lately - babies everywhere! :)