Monday, September 6, 2010

Our Days

Psalm 90: 12~ So teach us to number our days, That we may present to You a heart of wisdom.

I know for myself as a mom, I have the tendency to be swept into two different pitfalls.  I swing from feeling trapped in each day, as if the crying will never stop, the laundry pile will never disappear and the stinky diaper smell will never dissipate to feeling like life is speeding past me with such ferocity that I go into panic mode.  Amazing isn't it, how when we lose focus of what we are called to, life has an uncanny way of falling completely to pieces.  What is our focus?  What are we preparing for every day that we are here on this earth?


How hard headed we are, to be so consumed with our material lives that we completely miss the point of it all.  This world is not our home.  One day, possibly much sooner than we would dream, we will standing before our King.  How ashamed I will be of all of the wasted time I spent feeling discontent, angry, envious, irritable, impatient, grumpy, lazy, unappreciative and many other things that I choose to let into my life on a daily basis.  How clearly I will see how what I look at now as "so important" is nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

So how do I number my days?

For me, first I must realize that not only is every day a gift, but it is also a fleeting opportunity.  If I look at every dish washed, every nose wiped, every sleepless night as merely an intrusion on the plans I have set up for my life, I will completely miss the beauty of the eternal perspective.

When I choose  to see each mundane, tiring or frustrating event that comes my way as an opportunity to give glory to God by working whole-heartedly and and thinking joyfully, I am choosing to cash in on a limited amount of moments I have to say " I know that there is more to this life than living it for my own pleasures."

Life is fleeting.  We were all reminded of that in a very real way once again this week.  Pray for the Lord to teach us to number our days.  Then, the Bible says, we will gain a heart of wisdom.  And that is what we need!  He is the one who knows the number of our days.  And He is the one who knows how we should live them! 


Angie said...

Another wonderfully wise post Grace! Thank you for giving me such a wonderful read to start my day out with!

Rachel said...

I needed this post today! I've been feeling weary and like giving up today...thanks for the encouragement!