Thursday, April 7, 2011

School Days

Back to our schedule!  Next up after Bible time we go straight into school.  (For a brief answer on why we choose to home school, here's my best attempt.)

I've been itching to home school ever since Lydia was born.  The day seemed like it would never come.  And while I am 100% convinced that a good majority of a child's "education" comes through real life, there was something so tantalizing about starting those first workbooks!

Confession time here~  I did not start very well.  Our school days often consisted of a discouraged little girl and an  impatient mom.  I knew it was wrong, but somehow it felt like if I just pushed hard enough I could force this knowledge in.  Wrong.  Very, very wrong.  Having Daddy home for an extended period helped to reveal some very not so pleasant sides of the teacher.  Let me tell you now, God is so faithful. 

When I resolved to surrender my entire attitude to the Lord and took the necessary steps to avoid frustration, He took over and has made our school days truly blessed!

These days, I truly sit back in amazement as my girls seem to learn and understand right before my eyes.  I've told David at least a hundred times " I know it will get harder, and I know they wont all be this easy to teach.  But this is CRAZY FUN!!!".  It truly astounds me.  Lydia seems to have fully grasped concepts that we used to s t r u g g l e over.  And then there's Bethany.

Bethany never struck me as one who would be easy to teach.  Why?  I'm not sure.  But I anticipated a struggle.  The reality is, I've never met a child easier to teach.  She grasps concepts before I think I would understand if I was explaining it to myself! 

Of course there is always Havilah, who's desperation to do "school" is not matched by any desire to accomplish anything specific.  She's good for me!

These days we've been focusing on the three "R's".  "Reading", "Riting" and "Rithmetic" (with a little language thrown in!).  We started out with more subjects, but lately it has been good to just focus on the basics and enjoy life a little more.

As far as "what" we are doing, I would say I'm a bit of an eclectic home schooler.  Having been home schooled myself, I have the luxury of remembering first hand what worked, what didn't, and what I actually enjoyed.  I have to pinch myself as I watch my girls reading stories that I remember reading for the first time!  (If you really want a book list,  I'll let you know!)

Honestly, school right now is a delight.  Not because I'm a great teacher or because I have perfect students, but because the Lord has truly worked on me to see my children's learning as a treasure, not a right.  I know life will change.  Give it five years and I will have five children ten and under doing school at the same time.  I know you more experienced ones out there are rolling your eyes and saying "Just wait!", but I have to say, "I can't wait!". 


Angie said...

Well I have a 3yo,5yo,7yo,10yo,12yo that I homeschool (they are all getting ready to turn to the NEXT age lol) and I will still say that I am NOT rolling my eyes at you and I DO LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I KNOW you will too Grace! Don't let anyone tell you "Just you wait...." and drag you down!

Aly sun said...

This is encouraging to me. I also found my frustration was the biggest obstacle to learning for my kids. My attitude about school work directly reflects on them. I'm having a hard time right now keeping the little ones occupied (3 and 18mo.). Also, my oldest has some learning challenges, but I am so happy that I get to face them with her. When she isn't focusing and I feel my temper rising, we do something else. Nothing good comes from trying to force learning.

Thanks for being inspiring.