Monday, April 18, 2011

Passion Week

Today is a bit full and crazy (Tip~  DO NOT try to add two other day's responsibilities plus a shopping trip to your daily schedule unless absolutely necessary!), but I wanted to drop by quickly to give you this brief reminder in case you are forgetful like me!

EASTER IS ON SUNDAY!!!  Every year I think, "I need to do more to prepare my children for the significance of this event before the actual day!" and yet every year Easter Sunday sneaks up and it feels like a cram session trying to help my children see the importance that Christ's resurrection has on our entire lives.  Not this year!

This year we are focusing this entire week on the days leading up to Jesus' death and resurrection (sometimes known as Passion Week).  Today we are reading Mark 11:1-11 about the triumphant entry (with some possible paper mache involved.  I know.  Call me crazy.).  Tomorrow we will focus on the withering fig tree and the clearing of the temple. 

I'll do my best to keep you updated on our activities.  I'm sure that most of your ideas would blow mine out of the water.  Whatever you choose to do, don't forget to make Christ the absolute focus of this special holiday.  Don't let this opportunity pass by to focus your children's attention on the greatest event ever!

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Mrs David W said...

So funny, we just did that this morning too. We use our trusty old Edgar Myer Bible Story Book. It has been around for many years. Happy Easter to you Grace as you and the kidlets remember our savior.