Monday, April 25, 2011

Since it's just around the corner....

Can you believe that May is almost here???  And although May is certainly looking more like "showers" than "flowers" I am always excited to see this month roll around!

This May is especially exciting to me this year as it marks the last month that we will be a family of six.  New Little Baby is coming soon (I keep telling myself!) and when I saw this on  I was so excited not only at the thought of this challenge, but at the timing as well!  I'm sure that many of you have already caught wind of this, but if not, here I am to tell you abut it!

A beautiful stay at home mother has written this fabulous e-book called "31 Days to Clean".  It is a wonderful resource not only for helping you chip away at getting your house in order, but to focus your heart in the right place at the same time.  Each day gives you a "Mary Challenge" in which you are encouraged to focus your heart on the Lord and your motives for the way you keep your home, and a "Martha Challenge" which is a specific task to get your home one step closer to clean! 

The e-book is only $4.99 and you can easily download it here.

Join me this May in getting some Spring cleaning done, not only in our homes, but in our hearts as well.  I'm so excited!!!


Aly sun said...

I'm with ya!

Angie said...

I am joining you for this!