Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fair Fun!!!

It has been a pretty crazy summer for the daddy around here, so it was a very special day when we all packed into our maxed out mini van and headed for the county fair this past weekend!  A whole day with Daddy is about the best thing any of us girls around here can imagine!

 One of the biggest treats of the day was getting to smooch on my absolutely, unbelievably A D O R A B L E nephew.  We all ADORE Caleb!

The fair is extra special when we get to share it with some of our favorite people!

 Havi petting the "calf" (otherwise known as a baby goat!).

 Nothing in the world is as good as hanging out with Daddy!

Although Boppa comes in pretty close!

And Grandma too!

Getting faces painted by Auntie Rachel

The tractors are always a huge hit!

Thank you Lord for such a wonderful day!!!

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