Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Savings!!!

Just a quick note to make sure you've heard about our summer sale going on at .  For the month of August, if you spend $10.00 you can get any item for 1/2 off.   And it doesn't have to be smaller than your original purchase.  Take advantage of this to try out one of our more expensive items.  (The only item not included in this sale is the diaper bags.)

Tea in the summer?  All of our teas make delicious Iced Tea!!!  Give it a try!
I love our flowers!  There are so many different styles and with their non-slip pads they actually stay in place!

Beautiful cards for $1 or less!

Jewelry is the easiest way to add change to your favorite wardrobe!

And don't forget our babynotes line!  With my own little one, I am literally using these products every single day.

Have fun shopping and saving!


Anonymous said...

Hi Grace, I'm trying to buy a few things from your site but am not sure how to apply the August discount for half off one item. Do I need to put a code in? Thanks again for your blog and all your encouraging words! I always enjoy your posts and the pictures of your beautiful family!

Grace said...

Hi Becky! Just place your order as usual, then leave a comment letting us know which item you want 1/2 off and we will send you a coupon code. Sorry for the confusion!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Grace! I'll go ahead and put the order in. I love the things you have on your site. :)