Thursday, August 25, 2011

Heart For Home Thursday~ Sunshine

 I am really a fall lover.  Hardly anything gets me more excited than the thought of fall.  But even I have to admit, there is something so refreshing and uplifting about the beautiful sunshine dumping down on us.  Nothing lifts the soul like waking up to the sun streaming in my window.  It's beautiful.  It's peaceful.  It's warming.  It's comforting yet inspiring at the same time.

I've been reading through a book my mom gave me when I got married, (one that she read before she was married!).  In the book it talks about being the "sunshine of your home".  That always stands out to me because most of the time I feel very different from sunshine.  I feel more like the rain cloud or the fog or the thunder shower.  But I want to be that woman!  I want to be the sunshine of my home!  So where do I start?

If you've been around me long you'll probably know what I'm going to say, because I find this to be the greatest "cure all" for my heart attitude.  Thankfulness. Oh what a transforming thing it is!  It literally annihilates the grumpies with a picture of how great and loving my God is, and how amazingly good He is to me.  Thankfulness changes my whole world, and with God's help I find myself glowing with love for those around me.  I'm thankful for the spilled rice crispies because of the busy little hands that made the mess , for the husband who will be late every night this week because he's working hard for me and comes home with a kiss, for the many pairs of shoes which are ALL too small because little feet are growing just like they should,  and for a hungry little babe who wakes me up in the night because how many woman would love to have a little babe who would wake them up in the night.

Our homes need sunshine.  They thrive on sunshine.  When we "shine" for our family then we are beautiful.  We are peaceful.  We are warming.  And we are comforting yet inspiring.  Let's be that for our families!  Let's not let life's little details rob us of the joy of shining brightly!


Amber said...

Thank you, Grace! I really needed to hear that today. Oh, I've really been enjoying your posts on love too. Your blog is so encouraging! Blessings!

RachelKD said...

Great posts! Thanks for the encouragement!

Angie said...

This is an excellent post and after my weekend I can appreciate it more than EVER!!!!!