Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two Months!!!

My baby is two months old.  Two months is always a hard one for me because my theory is that our big shifts come in twos.  We count how old they are by days for awhile.  Three days old.  Eight days old.  Twelve days old.  Until we get to two weeks.  Then they are two weeks old.  Three and a half weeks old. Seven weeks old.  Until we get to two months.  Now she's two months.  Almost two and a half months.  And I'll count in months until two years.  When she sill no longer be twenty-three months old, but TWO YEARS old! 

It makes me a little sad to already be at the month stage, but every day with my darling is so delightful that I really can't be sad!
Esther is a doll.  We girls are unable to contain our squeals of pure joy every time we see her.  Daddy keeps his composure pretty well, but that sweet smile he gives her speaks volumes.  At 11 lb.  12 oz at two months she is our first baby to actually border on chubbiness.  I think it's delicious!

I already can not begin to imagine life without my sweet Esther.  Everyday I thank the Lord, sometimes in tears, for giving us "just another girl".  Esther is a treasure!


Our Peculiar Lives said...

awww, she's so precious! I can't believe she's 2 months already!

Raising Saints said...

Esther is pure chubby beautifulness at its best Grace!!

Mrs. Skelton said...

Aww!! What a darling!!
I think she looks a lot like you, Grace!

Ginger said...

No, no, no you don't count months for 2 whole years! That stops after their first birthday. ;) Then it's: She's 1, she's 1 1/2, she's 2.
I can't be bothered to do that much counting. hehe
What a gift you have in that girl. You've got Little Women plus one. You're so blessed!

marymo5 said...

she's beautiful Grace