Thursday, February 9, 2012

Heart For Home Thursday~ Just Smile!

Is it really Thursday again?  I find that hard to believe.  We've been battling sickness here for a solid two weeks so I guess time has flown by even more than usual. 

Today we have been busy doing school and visiting with Grammie so here I am with the day almost over and I seriously have NOTHING to write about.

When I think about home today, I'm not inspired or challenged.  I don't feel discouraged.  I don't feel ambitious.  I don't feel overwhelmed or overly excited.  Today when I think about home, I just smile.  I am surrounded by a million reasons to smile.

So today I'll just share a few of the reasons I have to smile.  Today, I pray that you'll find the reasons in your home to smile about.  And may your smile be one of the reasons your family smiles about your home too!

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