Wednesday, February 1, 2012

These Days....

These days, everyone is sick.

These days, it's runny noses non-stop.

These days, Mommy feels like nothing gets done.

These days, my babies just want to be held.

These days, I get to kiss feverish heads all day long.

These days, a day doing "nothing" feels like priceless work.

These days, there is nowhere in the world I would rather be.


Anonymous said...

These days, I'm so proud to be your mom!

Raising Saints said...

I am right there with you! (((hugs)))

Lilyofthevalley - Tanya said...

I pray your family is better soon! It is hard when our children are sick, but I agree there is no place I'd rather be.

Trinity said...

Awww! Bless your heart! "These Days" you are such an encouragement to so many people! :)