Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Quick Catch Up!!!

I've really missed you all!  I feel like I've barely been poking my head in here often enough for you to remember me.  This blog started out with just a couple family and friends.  I posted pictures of my girls and few thoughts.  That's really all I still do.  For awhile I was amazed at how many of you were stopping by here.  Obviously, I've been so scarce lately that I'm not so sure if anyone is still around.  So here I am.  Back to basics!  Here's some pictures of life to catch up you family and friends who are  still here checking on me!

Two Sundays ago Lydia and Great-Boppa put on their "Sweetheart's Party" that they had been planning.  Lydia is ALWAYS scheming and dreaming some great plan so for Great-Boppa to come along side her and make this party plan a reality was like a dream come true for her.  It was wonderful for the rest of us too!

It was a wonderful day, and we got to spend it with our Caleb boy which made it extra special.  Speaking of Caleb, he got to spend all afternoon with us this past week while his mommy and daddy celebrated their anniversary.  We loved it!  We are all pretty crazy about that boy!

The girls and I planned our Valentine's Day dinner for Monday night.  While we had been decorating and celebrating all month, we pulled out all the stops and had a beautiful dinner together.  The girls loved it!

The next morning I surprised my beloved with breakfast in bed, then he took me out for a wonderful dinner and date that afternoon.  Every moment spent with my man is a good moment for me!  It was a wonderful day.

One new thing that I've enjoyed this past week has been taking this each morning.......

...... and turning it into this!!!

I'm actually loving my veggie juice which astounds me!!!

This past weekend David cut his hand badly with a chainsaw.  (I was going to add pictures here, but they are pretty gory!)  When he called me from the ER I couldn't believe the peace that washed over me.  Isn't it so good to be held in the arms of a loving Father?  Graciously, his fingers are all still intact and should heal completely over time.  Please continue to pray for his healing!

Other than that, we've been living life!  I'm so blessed to live each day with my beautiful family!



RachelD said...

Thanks for sharing about your family. You always inspire me! :)

Charlene said...

Sorry to hear about David's hand. Will be praying for his recovery. My mom has been juicing too. I think I'll have to stick with fruit smoothies, the veggie juice isn't exactly yummy to me, but I'm glad it is working for you! Hope you're doing well.