Friday, September 28, 2012

A Tale of Two Friends

In our home resides a pathetic looking creature...
At first glance most can't determine what they are looking at...
Some disturbed pillow with knobby corners?  A lamb that has lived it's days in a mud puddle?
Upon further investigation it is recognized as not an abused creature, but as a loved and cherished kitty.
"Kitty Pillow" as it is affectionately known as around here was given to Esther last Christmas and was immediately an inseparable friend permanent fixture.
No matter the hour or the mood, Kitty Pillow always brings my sweet girl much joy!
(These photos were taken right after being asked her favorite question, "Do you want Kitty Pillow?")
As soon as Kitty Pillow is in her grasp, the fingers go in the mouth and any random foot is held up to her nose affectionately.
As soon as these two have met in sweet fellowship, no nap is looked on with disdain and snuggling propensities are at an all time high!

Kitty Pillow is beloved by all of us at our house.  

Keep smiling little friend!  You are much loved!

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Raising Saints said...

That is just precious and she is beautiful. You are so blessed Grace!