Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Girls

God has blessed me with the three most beautiful treasures I could imagine! Lydia just turned three and is my big girl helper and my little mommy. She is definitly the first born! She loves taking care of her sisters and helping Mommy whenever possible. Right now her favorite things are her Daddy, her sisters, Her stuffed elephant (Elly), her aunties, her uncles, the color pink, and singing.

Bethany is eighteen monthes old and is as different from Lydia as can be. She is quite content to play by herself but also loves to tag around after Lydia and try to do and say whatever she does. She is such a goofy little thing, but has an amazingly compassionate heart. She too is such a good big sister to her new little sister. Her favorite things are, Daddy, Boppa, Boppa King, Great Boppa, Lydia, "Habibah" and her pillow.

Havilah is only five and a half weeks old but already as precious as can be. I can't wait to see who she will become. She already has a heart melting smile and beautful piercing eyes. Her favorite things are, Daddy, Mommy, sisters and eating!

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