Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Sisters are so funny! I get such a kick over watching these girls interact! We just got a set of bunkbeds and since there wasn't room in their tiny little bedroom for the bunkbeds, Bethany's little bed, the crib and two dressers, we decided to just put both of the big girls in the bottom bunk bed. They have had so much fun and love going to bed together. The only problem has come from times like last night! Lydia is my social bug. When she is in the mood she can talk your head off ( which is most of the time). Yesterday we had people over all day for David's birthday, so she was wired! Bethany on the othe hand, LOVES her bed! Give her her pillow and her binky and she is as happy as can be. When she goes to bed, she is out! It was so funny to hear them as Lydia is chatting away with an occasional sleepy affirmative from Bethany. I finally went in there and Lydia is still reminding me of the chipmunk on HoodWinked while Bethany is barely concious. It was so sweet to see though, how they still both loved each other so much. Lydia says that Bethany is her best friend. Someday Havilah will join the ranks and hopefully many more to come, but I am so blessed to have two little girls who are starting the trend of loving one another.


Kelly said...

We are planning on moveing the boys into bunk beds this weekend, and it has a trundle in case one of the boys doesn't feel ready for the top bed. They sell trundles pretty inexpensively and are a great soulution to multiple blessings sharing a room!

KD said...

I just LOVE the way the girls love each other. What a blessing!!!!

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm love to join them the little one could watch me pull down sis's panties and lick her little p---y, give them something else to suck nicer than a paci