Monday, June 2, 2008

They grow so fast!

Everyday I amazed at how fast my girls are growing up. I put Havilah next to a two week old little baby at church yesterday and she already seemed much less like an infant. Bethany can pick her uncles truck out of a full parking lot. But Lydia is the one that blows me away. She is always talking about the day when she is the mommy and I am the grandma, then she will wash the dishes, clean the toilet, drive etc.. She talks about her husband ( now that we've finally got through to her that she can't have five!) and how he is made just right for her. She talks about being a mommy and even how her babies will tell her funny stories. It is so amazing to see God already stirring in her heart the desire to be a woman of God and to care for and love her future family. I know that it will only be a moment and those things will be a reality. How blessed I am to be a part of these growing years! When I think of how fast they will go, I jsut try to hold her on my lap a little longer and pray that I will have wisdom in training her and preparing her for what lies ahead of her.


Kelly said...

I've got a son about Lydia's age... ;)

Bethany Butler's Family said...

Welcome to blogger! Isn't it fun! That's funny that Lydia thought she could have 5 husbands!
You and David should get someone to take some pictures of you. We just drove to the Butlers house and took a walk with some of his sisters and brought the camra. It was fun, and the pictures turned out pretty good too!