Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Beautiful Two Year Old

Dear Ella,
        Last week was your second birthday.  We had the first snow of the year the weekend before so with all that excitement, your birthday sort of crept up on us.  You said you wanted berry coffee cake so that's what we had.  It took you most of the morning for it to sink in that this was YOUR birthday!  When I put you down for your nap you starting calling me and telling me over and over "Birt-day!  Birt-day!".  I then had to convince you that even birthday girls needed to take naps which changed your cries of joy to sobbing, "Birt-dayyyyyy.  Birt-dayyyyyy."

After your nap you got to help Mommy make your pink birthday cake.

And of course, I let you lick the beater!

You were one popular girl that day!  You got calls from great-grandparents, grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and even your sweet cousin Talia who all by herself said, "Happy. Birt. Day. Ella.".  You were so excited to talk to her!

That night you opened your presents that Daddy had gone in the snow to get for you.  You have played endlessly with your "Big Ball".

And you adore you OWN baby doll that you promptly named "Ellie" after your baby cousin.

Then it was finally time for birthday cake!  You loved having us sing to you and you were a pro at blowing out your candles.  Of course your sisters were as excited as you were!

Everyone who came to our house that whole week heard all about how it was your "Birt-day"  and how you were "fee".  It took days of practicing, but now you usually remember that you are really two.

On Sunday we had a party for you at Grandma and Boppa's house.  Sadly, you woke up from your nap with a pretty high fever.  You were still so excited to go to your party!

You thanked everyone for you presents so sweetly and were very free with your hugs and kisses (let's hope no one else gets sick!).

You had such a good attitude all day, even though it was so obvious that you just didn't feel good.

Another cake, another song, more candles and more candle licking!  Now that got you excited!

Mommy and your sisters had made a "surprise" cake that we thought you would enjoy.  Your sisters were dying to tell people about it, but they all kept their secret very well!

Surprise!!!  A rainbow cake!  You loved the colors, especially the orange.

It's hard to imagine a sweeter or more adorable two year old!

Some people call the two's "terrible", but Daddy and Mommy think it's one of the most wonderful ages ever.  You are so full of wonder and your bright mind is exploding with discoveries.  We love to hear you talking more and more every day.  Every word you say delights us.

You are such a treasure to us, sweet Ella Joy.  A true treasure from God.  We thank Him for you every day!  I love you!!!
      Love, Mommy


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful birthday for a precious girl!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet tribute to your dear Ella Joy! We love you Ella and are so glad God made you a part of our family!
Love, Auntie Laura