Sunday, January 15, 2012


I know.  I know.  Another snow post.  But this is our first snow of the year and we all LOVE snow!!!!!!!  When the girls woke up this morning and saw the snow, it was as if it was Christmas morning all over again.  I have to admit, I was right there with them!

 Ready to go!!!!!!!

 Baby's first snow!

Auntie Anna was here, and that always makes everything better!

 Daddy and his work crew with "Frosty".  (Where they get their creative name ideas I'll never know!)

With my beloved husband.  Makes my heart skip a beat!

Have a beautiful and blessed winter day, wherever you may be!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your pictures!!!!! Of course I love the subjects, too!
Love, Mom

Charlene said...

Oh, looks like you had a great day. We didn't get any snow. :(
Maybe tonight we'll get some.

Trinity said...

precious! :)