Monday, January 16, 2012

Seven Months

As hard as it is to believe, our sweet Esther is growing up right in front of our eyes.   Her gorgeous smile and bright eyes already communicate such love for those around her.

This has been a big month for Esther as she is now rolling all over the place and almost sitting on her own.  She also has now cut through her first two teeth.  She is still not sleeping well at night, but I am hoping that that will change soon!

She's our little doll.  And we ADORE her!!!


Raising Saints said...

She's beautiful! Its funny how similar our babies always are. Asher isn't sleeping well at night either - no naps at all during the day! He's really happy just to sit back and watch the world too - feels no need to move around. I really wish we lived closer!

Anonymous said...

I adore her too! It was so much fun to hold her last night. She is just a little cuddler. And her big blue eyes and bright smile just make me want to smile too. :-)
~Theresa Arnold