Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Slice of Life

This morning started in the best way.  Ella was my only girl to crawl down the stairs at an early hour this morning, and what could be better than trying out the new trampoline first thing in the morning while everyone is still sleeping!

What a breath of fresh air to have a beautiful, lazy morning to enjoy!  As I keep saying, this past month and a half has been one of the busiest seasons of life I remember for a long time.  We have constantly been bouncing from one thing, to the next, to the next.

I thought I would take the next few days to catch up on some of the more major happenings that have been going on around here.  Things probably won't be in order, but at least I'll catch up on just a slice of what life has looked life!

Through the busy times and the slow times, how joyful it is to dwell in the goodness of the Lord!

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RachelD said...

How fun! Your photo captures the moment so beautifully!