Monday, June 24, 2013

How Can it Be That Esther is Two?

I have admittedly been living in denial.  To me Esther has continued to be our baby regardless of what the calendar says.  We've never had even close to this big of a gap between babies before.  This season of waiting on the Lord has been a beautiful battle of trust.  Meanwhile my "baby" has grown before my very eyes and as much as I couldn't believe it, she turned two the beginning of this month.

Esther breathes life into our home.  She walks into the room and there is a piece in all of our hearts that simply lights up.  She can be quite a challenge.  Her strong will and assertive nature does not make her easy to train or peaceful to be around, but her joy, her sweetness, her unbelievable irrisistability has us all wrapped around her little finger.  She delights us!

She has been a very slow talker but just recently words are popping out left and right.  It is so fun to see her quirky personality expressed through her words.  She is also very obsessive compulsive.  Being rather OCD myself it is hilarious to watch her lining everything up or sorting things by size or pattern.  What a goofball she is!


She's indescribable. 
We adore her!

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Anonymous said...

We adore her too!!
(Grandma and Boppa)