Friday, June 14, 2013

So, So Fast

I remember the moment I knew I had a daughter.  I remember the look on her face as she was first handed to me.  I remember my tears of joy falling on her wrinkled, red face.  I remember looking at her all over, fingers, nose, chubby little legs, ears.  Everything perfect.  Perfect.  Perfect.

In my mind that moment was just a moment ago.  It's all still there etched in my memory.

Lydia Grace changed my world completely from the moment I saw her.

Last month she turned eight years old.  I still can hardly believe it.  My darling, beautiful daughter brings me such joy.  As beautiful as she is on the outside, it is her inner beauty that staggers me.  Her five year old sister told me the other day "Lydia is such a good sister because she is so patient and kind to us.  She knows how to solve our problems without getting mad."

Never could I have fathomed the blessing this child would be.  Never could I have dreamed of the joy it would be to watch her grow.  
In my heart she will always be my precious baby.  In my life she will always be a gift from God.


Anonymous said...

charming.......from a charmed aunt in Arizona

Aly sun said...

Stunning pictures Grace. Beautiful job capturing such a beautiful girl :)