Monday, November 28, 2011

Friday Fun!!!

 While it's true that most of my days are spent quite happily at home with my wonderful girls, occasionally I find my inner wild side and have a day that surprises even me!

Last Friday my sweet sisters arranged for my mom to watch my girls so we could all go Black Friday shopping.  I had never been before and I wasn't quite sure what I was jumping into.  But ready or not, Rachel, Anna, exchange sister Jana, friend Tessa, Esther and I headed to the mall at 6:00 on Black Friday.  Turns out, 6:00 is actually amazingly tame on Black Friday.  Seems we missed the "stay up all night" die hards, and beat the "let's sleep in and then go to the mall" crowd.  It was great!

We may look like fun and games, but we're really rather serious.

Esther was a fabulous little shopper and all the extra arms were wonderful!

It really was a day of firsts for me.

Yep.  Got my ears pierced for the very first time.  It was premeditated though!  Now you can all buy me earrings for Christmas, although I wont be able to wear them for 6-8 weeks.  Bummer!

There are really only a few times and places my crazies come out.  Mostly girl parties at the Thomas' house and late nights with my sisters.  Now added to that list, Black Friday shopping with the nearest and dearest!


Anonymous said...

Yeah Grace! They look great! Cannot wait to find you some glamorous earrings. :-) Love you, Theresa Arnold

Mama said...

How fun! My husband took me black friday shopping for the first time this year! It was lot's of fun! :-)

Sistery girl parties are the best! ;-)