Friday, November 11, 2011

My Boppa, My Hero

My Boppa is a hero.  A real life hero.  He was a navigator in World War Two.  He fought for our freedoms.  He put his life on the line to serve his country.  God protected him in miraculous ways.  But his heroic journey didn't end there.

My Boppa is a hero every day.  He gives his life to love his family and those he is around.  He is one of the most generous people I know.  He never sees a need without stepping in.  At ninety years old, he cares about every detail of all of our lives.  Making us smile is what he does best, and what he does all of the time.  His arms are always ready to be filled rocking a crying baby, or reading to a little girl, or making someone's favorite dish (and all of our favorite dishes come from him!).  He faithfully pours out his love on his beautiful wife of fifty-nine years.  He faithfully pours out his love on each of his grandchildren and his great-grandchildren (in fact we're down right SPOILED!!!). 

My Boppa is my hero.  And I love him with all my heart!


Charlene said...

I love this! What a great way to honor him!

Anne Bennett said...

Grace, I grew up next door to your Boppa and best friend with your mom. He was always kind and thoughtful.I didn't realize that he was an aviator in WWII. Guess as a kid I never thought about that kind of thing. It is wonderful to think of Len as a hero! If not for your Bobba, and other brave soldiers, the results of WWII could have been different. Thanks for sharing. I also blogged about my veteran heroes on my blog.
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Martha A. said...

What a neat story! My grandpa also was in WW2, but he was in intelligence and there are some very hard things that they had to do to keep us safe, but also rescue others in Germany.