Friday, November 25, 2011

Rapid Fire Fun!!!!!!!

I've been sooooo excited about this week!!!  It's going to be my week of "Rapid Fire Stocking Stuffers!".  Here's how it is going to work.  Between now and next Saturday, I'm going to post several small giveaways at random times.  The person who is the first one to comment on that post, wins!  Got it? 

See the post with no comments, COMMENT and it's yours!!!!!  But check back often, because you never know when another giveaway might pop up!  The great thing about this series of giveaways is that even if you never win, all of these items can be found at for $5 or sometimes much, much less.  Perfect for stocking stuffers or small gifts!
The first rapid fire giveaway is for a set of these Winter Wonder Mini-cards w/ envelopes. 

Be the first to leave a comment and their yours!!!!!

(One individual cannot win more than twice!)

1 comment:

happley handcrafted said...

Hi Grace, I guess I am the first to comment! I don't think we've ever met, but your hubby is working on our house right now! I check your blog, found through petersparadise, frequently and enjoy your stories. Especially the one about the glitter! I hope to meet you sometime! God bless! Kelsey Ensz